A Convergence of Fates

SEASON 1 Episode 1
Crates of Krayts
Crates of Krayts

Coming Soon.

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 1


SCENE: Starfield
The deepness of space. The camera pans down to a rusty brown planet lit from two sides by the system’s suns. This is the planet Tatooine, an isolated desert planet in the Outer Rim. Suddenly a YT-1250 Light Freighter screams into frame, its glowing blue-white thrusters quickly fading as it descends towards the planet.

CUT TO: Desert Canyon Floor
As pirates and thugs move stolen goods and precious cargo, a rough looking Rodian dressed in wasteland attire attends to a small crate covered in flashing indicators. A Weequay enforcer pushes a grav-sled with a large cage-like container onto the platform, slowing its momentum as it nears the busy green alien.

Jora looks up as a Correlian freighter touches down on the platform near the canyon rim.

CUT TO: Canyon Rim Platform (Exterior of Ship. Ramp lowers. Sounds of ship matching atmospheric pressure. Venting steam.)

  • The crew exits the ship and heads down the trail to the canyon floor.

  • The crew meets with the Rodian, Jora. He’s obviously not impressed with the crew.

  • With this out of the way, Zax and KYN-11TE go and speak with Josco, Zax’s smuggler friend in order to see what deals, shady or otherwise, that might be available. Unfortunately, Josco does not know of any, but suggests speaking with one of his contacts. Josco also informs Zax that fter everything that has been going on, that the group have worn out their welcome. Zax then provides the information he found to Arcz.

  • Arcz manages to track down the contact Josco suggested, and uncovers two jobs that are available. One of the jobs is running freight from Solay to Ruac, which he decides might be a little too hot given that it’s probably the crew’s fault the planet is currently in lock-down. The other is a well paying job, taking a shipment of eldissium ore from the mining planet of Isleis, and taking it to an unknown location which will be made apparent on arrival. Arcz sees the risks in this type of job, but is mesmerized by the amount of credits on offer – 15,000cr. He immediately returns to the ship to inform the crew.

  • El-Isara attends the palace and tracks down Cadence. She apologises for her anger and attitude towards Cadence, and explains that she was obviously upset due to the loss of her mentor and friend Nexus moments before. Cadence explains to El-Isara the important of not giving into attachment, but again offers to train her when she requires it. El-Isara agrees, and the two talk for a while about her experiences thus far.

  • Meanwhile, whilst waiting for El-Isara to return, the rest of the crew start working out what they want to do after the finishing the job to Isleis. They decided that they want to somehow obtain an old Consular-Class Cruiser to enhance their “business” model in order to take on, and steal, a Victory Class Star Destroyer. L’zadarma used her family connections, and the sale of all of the Imperial stormtrooper rifles that had obtained, and learned that one was impounded nearby in the Dominus system.

  • The crew remain on Qi’Ibre for a few more days to strip the Imperial Shuttle that was stored on one of the outer moons of the system. The crew uses the shuttle’s hyperdrive to modify the drive on the Star Wanderer, and sell the remaining parts to a illegal parts dealer for a substantial amount.

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