A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away….

It is a dark time for the galaxy. Striking from their hidden base, the Rebel Alliance has destroyed the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE’s powerful Death Star. Now, Imperial forces strike back, throwing the galaxy into war.

In the midst of conflict, countless planets suffer under Imperial Tyranny. Many flee oppression to build new lives beyond the bounds of civilization.

On the edge of the Empire, these renegades struggle to survive and remain free in the midst of ongoing turmoil….

A merry band of misfits out to make a buck and maybe, just maybe, make a difference in the galaxy.

A majority of the crew owes a debt in some form or another to Sinasu the Hutt. Having recently smuggled a young Krayt Dragon and a couple of Krayt Dragon eggs from Tatooine to Nar Shadda, and having saved his slimy Hutt-hide during a crime-turf war, they are currently in his good graces. He allowed them to keep his YT-1250 light freighter as long as they agree to continue doing smuggling runs for him.

The crew has also been moonlighting for the Rebel Alliance, smuggling everything from medical supplies, to refugees. They’ve proven their worth on several missions and are about to be asked to embark on a slightly more dangerous mission…

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A Convergence of Fates

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